April 29, 2016

How to Prepare Yourself for Physical Training at Police Academy

Undergoing training at the police academy is not quite a walk in the park and you will need to prepare yourself before you even start your official training.

Training at the police academy requires you to be in excellent shape physically. If yours not then the training is going to feel twice as hard as it should. To prepare yourself for the training course, you can start by getting into shape. Exercise should be your first priority. You can start every morning out perhaps with a jog, then do other exercise like sit ups, push ups, stomach crunches etc to get you in shape. The best suggestion would be to join a gym, this way you will get equal dose of both exercise and motivation that comes from being surrounded by other health and fitness conscious people. Remember the better shapes you’re, the better you’re going to do against your fellow police officers in training.

Exercising and getting into good shape is a priority in order to perform at your optimal best at the police academy. Trainees should also understand that eating healthy diet is also an important thing at police academy. Many people under estimate the importance of eating a healthy and well balanced diet. Healthy diet not only helps in keeping certain chronic illnesses at bay like diabetes, high blood pressure, gout etc but it is also an energy booster. If you’ve ever heard the saying ‘what you put in is what you get out – then you should believe on it and think about it logically as well. If you have been constantly eating junk foods in your past then don’t be surprised if you  feel lethargic and fatigued. The reason why this happens is because your body can only handle a certain amount of toxins before becoming run down. Junk foods like burger and fries are highly processed and therefore contain a maximum amount of toxins, these are free radicals that are not easily broken down and digested by the human body and can cause damage to you internally. So eat your fruit and vegetables and see and feel the difference. Also eating junk makes you put on weight and a fit, toned and healthy police officer can do a lot more good than a fat police officer in terms of pursuing criminals, self defense and basically fulfilling his job description in general.

Weight training is another great way to build your strength. More and more police academies are endorsing and implementing weight training as part of the police academy training course. Do not delude yourself; strength plays a big role in being a police officer. I am sure most days will be spent walking the beat and simply supervising areas you’ve been assigned to, but as you grow in the police department you will be assigned to more complex cases. Some of these cases might require you to pursue or chase these fleeing suspects and in some cases you might have to tackle them and hold them down. So you need to have strength as well as agility to do your job.

Try to learn some form of martial arts. Martial arts training like jujitsu, aikido and judo will most probably be taught to you in the police academy. These types of arts are thought because they are very effective in defense and take down mechanisms, so it will be a good idea to start learning these martial arts techniques before commencing with the police academy training so you have a head start.

Lastly, training yourself mentally is equally important in succeeding at the police academy and thereafter in your walk as a police officer. You need discipline to train and you need motivation to remain focused. Practice these simple steps above and you are very likely to achieve fantastic results at the police academy.