May 02, 2016

The Different Types of Police Officers

How to become a cop doesn’t just want to be one; it is also wanting to and needing to know what type of officer you want to be. There are many to choose from. So when you select one, select one that is in your liking.


Depending on the county, this position is very hard to tame, but how to become cop doesn’t deal with doubt. It’s about being a protector of the people, for the people, and acting for the innocent to protect them. To be a Sheriff, you must have a few years under your belt and the police department. The more years you have, the better of chances of you becoming sheriff in the department. Plus, Sheriffs can tell you on how to become a cop, too.
The sheriff’s duties would include looking out for the public safety. That is a really big deal on being in the law enforcement. Plus, they run various task in the police department. They are also teaching children and go to schools about how to become a cop. There biggest job would be transporting inmates.
If this is one of the types of police officer you want to be, you are going to have to earn it with experience, dedicated, and how to become a great person in blue.


After you learn on how to become a cop, you may want to try to be a detective. This is a very rewarding career, but every officer field is awarding. There are many types of detectives. They are homicidal detectives, police investigator, CIA detectives, crime scene detectives, and private investigators. There are many to choose from in this type of police officer career. Depending on their job, there job will consist of looking for clues, going undercover, and interrogation, that is just naming a few things they do.
Detectives are great people to learn from on how to become a cop. They are dedicated and hardworking. Their job is to get the information that is needed. The requirements of being one of the detectives is you have to be over the age of 21; you must have your GED and some college education, and work as a cop for a few years. Some detectives require you to have a degree in Criminal Justice. If this is something you want, then you are going to go the ‘extra mile.’

State Trooper

State Troopers are about like the regular police officers, but there job is way more dangerous. You must know how to become a cop before you can become a state trooper. Their jobs are more stressful because they never know when a person is going to shoot, snap, or be out line, sometimes uncooperative.
First all make sure you are fit physically because sometimes you are going to have a hold a criminal down, or have run after them. State troopers can tell you on how to become a cop, too. They will tell you they had to work in the police department before they got to do what they are doing.
Also make sure you are ready to take an exam.  The exam will consist of gauge readings, and understanding certain concepts. Next thing you will need to do is make sure your background is clear, this is just like on how to become a cop, you must have a good moral standing. Then you will be interview, make sure you do your best.
This may not be all the types of officers, but these officers knew how to become a cop, too.